Youth Sailing Weekly Schedule

Novice:    M/W/F    9:30am–11am       Apprentice:  M/T/TH/F 9:30am–12pm

Helmsman:  M/T/TH 1pm–4pm   W 11am–4pm (Day Sail)       Navigator:  M/T/TH 1pm–4pm   W 11am–4pm (Day Sail) 


6-8 years of age

Designed for children just beginning to sail and spend time on the water. This class meets three mornings a week and will include nautical games, hands on classroom lessons and time on-the-water in Turnabouts, Optis, powerboats, larger sailboats and rowboats.  


8-11 years of age

For children who may or may not have a summer of previous class time.  This class is on-the-water in Turnabouts, Optis, powerboats, larger sailboats, our Castine Class sailboat and rowboats. The class meets four mornings a week and will focus on basic boating skills as well as the finer art of sail trim, knots and dead-reckoning navigation. 


11-13 years of age

The Helmsman class is held three afternoons a week mostly in Optimists "Optis." This single handed sprit rigged dinghy is a wonderful teacher as well as a tutor in humility.  'If one can sail an Optimist well, one can sail any boat he/she steps aboard.'  In addition to the Opti, students are on-the-water in our Castine Class sailboat, powerboats, rowboats and larger sailboats.  Class time will concentrate on advanced rigging and line techniques, charting, general nautical awareness and the Racing Rules of Sailing. We will introduce racing. In addition to the three afternoon classes, the Helmsman level participates in a Wednesday picnic cruise.   


14-18 years of age

Older sailors will have the opportunity to participate in 420's, Colgates or Mercuries for lessons in short course racing, general navigation and team racing as well as classroom discussions.  The class meets each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoons.  On Wednesday, the class will participate in the picnic cruise. Inter-club regattas in 420's will be held several times throughout the summer.